Solar Stage Malawi

The Bigroundboat Solar-Powered stage was born from the fact that only 5% of Malawi has electricity supply. The aim is to take live bands to remote areas where there are ordinarily not such opportunities.
Thanks to modern technology’s ability to make smaller and smaller gear, the stage is easy to transport and can be set-up within minutes. In spite of it’s size, there is no compromise in terms of sound quality, Fender have ensured that they get maximum power out of every single Watt, make the sound experience at the show crisp and perfect, to enjoy every nuance that the music may offer.
The stage is run by Neil Nayar, an Afrophile traveller, musician, poet and comedian from the UK¬†who settled in Malawi four years ago. “There are many solar stages in the UK, due to the green movement, but when I came to Malawi with its abundance of Sun in contrast to the availability of electricity, a solar-stage in Malawi seemed the perfect next step. I’m very surprised to be the first”
“I love hosting events, creating a great vibe for artists to perform. The solar stage is much more than a mobile power plug. It’s a moving environment. A place for voices to be raised and magic to happen.”